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Managed Risk Services

Managed Risk Services

From cyber threats and regulatory changes to operational breakdowns and financial instability, today’s businesses face a multitude of challenges. Effective risk management should be more than just a reactive tool; it should be a strategic enabler, propelling your organization forward with confidence.
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The Team
Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

What we can do for you

While calculated risk-taking fuels innovation and market leadership, traditional risk management models often fail to adapt to the ever-growing complexity and velocity of modern threats.


This mismatch stifles transformation, leaving organizations vulnerable to breaches that shatter trust and derail growth.


To succeed in this dynamic landscape, businesses need a new approach – one that empowers informed risk-taking while safeguarding against unforeseen dangers.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to transform your risk management function, empowering you to proactively identify, manage, and mitigate threats. We leverage cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise to provide tailored solutions that address your unique needs and challenges.


  • Supported transformation: We provide a unified, data-driven risk framework fueled by cutting-edge technology and expert talent. This empowers leaders to confidently embrace transformation, unlocking long-term value for your organization.
  • Cost certainty and flexibility: Eliminate upfront capital expenses and benefit from customizable, on-demand solutions. Our AI-powered approach delivers cost certainty while ensuring your risk management scales effortlessly with your business.
  • Agility and resilience for the future: Gain a comprehensive view of current and emerging risks, empowering you to build resilience, enhance agility, and inform smarter strategic decisions. This prepares your organization to thrive in an ever-changing world.
  • Confident compliance, unleashing opportunities: We help you seamlessly comply with regulations, leveraging external data sources alongside your own to provide a clear picture of your risk landscape. This empowers you to confidently take strategic risks and pursue new opportunities with peace of mind.
  • Capable, tech-empowered teams: Our collaborative, human-centered approach equips your team with the latest skills, digital tools, and training. This fosters a risk-focused culture where technology amplifies human expertise, driving exceptional outcomes.


Our strategic, efficient, and cost-effective risk management approach involves:


Predictive & proactive: Anticipate and pinpoint key risks before they impact your business.

Quantifiable insights: Assess the potential impact of each risk, empowering informed decision-making.

Global regulatory expertise: Remain compliant with evolving regulations through our dedicated Regulatory & Compliance Manager.

Domain expertise: Leverage our deep industry knowledge to thoroughly evaluate your risk management function.

Collaboration & efficiency: Work alongside your team to test and enhance risk performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilize AI-powered automation to streamline processes and accelerate results.

Specialist Teams: Access specialized expertise in Financial Crime, Third-Party Risk Management, and Cybersecurity Risk.

Experience & tools: Our experience, proven tools, and integrated ecosystems ensure effective risk mitigation.

Continuous improvement: We continually refine remediation processes and controls for lasting impact.

Proactive insights: Leverage AI-powered analytics and automation for advanced reporting and a proactive approach to risk.

Culture of improvement: Foster a culture of continuous improvement through data-driven insights and reporting.

Agile & scalable: Our outcome-based operations adapt to fluctuating needs and ensure seamless delivery.

Real-time visibility: Gain a single, real-time view of your risk landscape through automation and process optimization.

Flexible model: Choose the delivery model that maximizes efficiency and delivers tangible commercial benefits.

Future-ready workforce: Invest in your team by providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities.

Risk Managed Services empower leaders to prioritize innovation and growth, ensuring smooth operations and confidence in their endeavors.

Identify and Assess

Chart the future: Proactive horizon scanning anticipates emerging risks and regulatory changes.

Navigate regulations: Our dedicated solution keeps you ahead of the curve.

Strengthen your defenses: Thorough assessment of current controls pinpoints vulnerabilities and opportunities.

Build smarter defenses: Expert design and implementation of effective risk mitigation strategies.

Know your partners: Comprehensive third-party inventory mapping minimizes external threats.

Financial security: Safeguard your assets with robust financial controls assessments. 

Regulation ready: Stay compliant with evolving financial services regulations. 

Combat financial crime: Expert analysis uncovers and mitigates financial crime risks. 

Prevent fraud & abuse: Proactive measures for fraud detection, anti-corruption, and sanctions. 

Measure your risk: Utilize proven risk assessment frameworks for accurate risk identification. 

Trust your partners: Third-party risk management ensures vendor reliability. 

Stay cyber-shielded: Mitigate cybersecurity risks with comprehensive assessments. 

Grants done right: Grants compliance ensures proper use of funding and avoids penalties.

Resolve issues quickly: Efficient remediation addresses identified vulnerabilities immediately.

Continuous monitoring: This ensures remediation effectiveness.

Closure with confidence: Formal closure process guarantees lasting risk mitigation.

Clear reporting: Detailed reports keep you informed and stakeholders confident.

Stay compliant, inform leaders: Regulatory and board reporting keeps everyone informed and compliant. 

Investigate with insight: Thorough investigation and reporting provide actionable insights.

The team

Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Rob Zacharias

Chief Operating Officer

Boris Heismann

Chief R&D Officer (CRDO)

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