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Beyond mitigation: drive organizational transformation through risk-based decisions and strategic realignment
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The Team
Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Current challenges for risk leaders

Crises, such as the recent pandemic, offer leaders invaluable insights and tools to effectively manage risk. However, the constantly evolving nature of risks necessitates that leaders continually adapt, as they cannot always rely solely on the tools they have acquired.

At present, risk leaders grapple with a myriad of challenges such as supply chain disruptions, environmental emergencies, technological upheavals, and demographic transformations. Rather than addressing each risk category in isolation, fostering organizational agility and resilience across the board empowers leaders to proactively navigate the entire spectrum of risks.

Redefining organizational resilience

Resilience In the coming years, organizational resilience will transcend mere survival tactics and become a cornerstone for establishing trust. Companies that embed robust resilience into their structures will emerge as the most trusted entities in the market. It’s no longer sufficient to merely weather crises.

A genuinely resilient organization must also possess the foresight and capabilities to respond to and ideally forestall potential (unforeseen) risks, or at the very least mitigate their consequences. Moreover, there must be a readiness to perceive challenges as strategic openings for growth.

Trusted transformation

As organizations prioritize resilience and seize strategic opportunities, they will redefine their vision to focus on long-term value. This shift towards strategic imperatives necessitates fundamental transformations for most organizations. To successfully implement significant and intricate business transformations, comprehensive program risk management is essential. This approach ensures that organizations not only realize their underlying strategic objectives but also achieve trusted transformation.

Advancing internal audit practices

Strong relationships with investors, shareholders, partners, customers, and regulators rely on trust as the foundation.

Advanced data analytics, analyzing both internal and external insights, empowers organizations to make informed predictions about the future. This proactive approach allows for early identification and mitigation of risks, ensuring trust is upheld.

Furthermore, these insights validate business strategies, guide adjustments, and prioritize long-term value creation. By demonstrating adaptability and effective change management, organizations build stakeholder confidence and trust.

Progressive internal audit practices embrace a dynamic mix of agile methodologies, digitally-enhanced financial crime processes, and automated compliance. This multifaceted approach ensures resilience and preparedness for the evolving business landscape.

How to develop trust throughout your organization

Confidence, transparency, and a united front – these are the hallmarks of a high-trust organization. Our team will guide you on your journey to achieve them, unlocking growth, fostering innovation, and securing your future.

Regulatory trust

Harnessing Obstacles for Productivity Gains

In navigating the complex landscape of regulations, standards, and governing bodies, businesses often encounter obstacles specific to their industry, location, and products. However, these challenges can be turned into opportunities for driving productivity.

A trusted organization understands the intricacies of regulatory requirements and identifies the most efficient methods to assist clients in compliance. Through Trust by Design, businesses can establish automated, consistent trust around regulatory adherence, spanning from strategic planning to execution. By streamlining compliance processes, resources are liberated, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core strengths and undertake calculated risks that position them ahead of competitors.

Organizational trust

How to establish trust amidst uncertainty?

During times of uncertainty, trust becomes even more critical for maintaining relationships and sustaining business operations. Trust underpins everything you do, from data security to employee engagement to strategic planning. It allows you to forge strong relationships with regulators, partners, investors, and customers, setting you up for success.

Building this trust involves two key opportunities:

  • Reimagining internal audit: Move beyond traditional compliance to a dynamic role that actively identifies and mitigates risks, fostering transparency and driving performance.
  • Embracing the future of work: Equip your people with the tools and skills they need to navigate a rapidly changing environment, while ensuring data privacy and ethical practices.

Trust by Design empowers you to seize these opportunities. It enables you to build a future-proof internal audit function and create a work environment where trust flourishes, propelling your organization forward.

Third-party trust

How do you ensure third parties put you first?

Companies rely on a vast network of third-party partners – contractors, joint ventures, service providers, the list goes on. While delegating tasks can offer efficiency, accountability remains squarely on your shoulders.

Building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with each partner is key to navigating disruptions and securing your place in critical markets. Trust by Design empowers you to do just that. We help you integrate trust into every aspect of your third-party interactions, fostering collaboration and mitigating risk.

Think of it this way: You’re not just delegating tasks, you’re building bridges. Trust by Design helps you make sure those bridges are sturdy and reliable.

Investor trust

In the delicate balance of investor trust, can your business still pursue bold actions?

New risks emerge alongside exciting opportunities. But making the right call demands the right data, at the right time.

Forward-thinking leaders look beyond internal numbers. They tap into external insights and understand the potential upside, downside, and external factors at play. A unified trust management program equips them with the intelligence they need to navigate complexity and make informed decisions.

We identify internal trust gaps and empower you to understand the nuances of disruption. With us, you can prioritize your response to market shifts with confidence.

Technology trust

Is proof of trustworthiness necessary for trust?

With each passing year, the world becomes increasingly digitized, and in an era of hyperconnectivity, society’s reliance on technology becomes crucial. While security is undeniably essential for companies to thrive in this landscape, it merely forms the foundation upon which trust, the ultimate facilitator, is constructed. Stability, security, resilience, and reliability are the fundamental qualities required from technology as it plays an ever more critical role in market competition and goal attainment.

Trust is swiftly emerging as the primary competitive advantage, a fact not lost on organizations worldwide. Embracing a Trust by Design approach entails placing trust at the forefront of every aspect of your business.

Customer trust

Is customer trust the key?

Evolving customer needs, tech disruption, and fierce competition mean that staying ahead requires more than just keeping up. It’s about radically rethinking your approach, putting the customer at the absolute core.

This isn’t a one-time effort, but a journey driven by a clear vision and values aligned with customer centricity. It’s about action, not just aspirations, breaking down the journey into achievable sprints where people, processes, and technology work in harmony.

Remember, building trust isn’t just about minimizing risk – it’s about creating seamless experiences that foster lasting connections. In this ever-changing landscape, prioritizing customer trust isn’t just the missing piece – it’s the foundation for sustainable, profitable growth.

The team

Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Rob Zacharias

Chief Operating Officer

Boris Heismann

Chief R&D Officer (CRDO)

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