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DeepDive World enables you to uncover valuable insights that drive the creation of unique, impactful customer experiences, ultimately delivering long-term value to both the customer and society, while also benefiting your organization.

In a dynamic business landscape organizations face many challenges that require them to adapt to stay pertinent. The convergence of emerging technologies, heightened customer expectations for enhanced experiences across all sectors, and shareholder demands for increased loyalty compel organizations to address the following critical questions:

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The Team
Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

  • How do we improve interactions with customers, employees, and citizens to build strong, lasting connections and create long-term value?
  • What methods can we use to achieve better results for our customers and stakeholders while promoting meaningful growth? 
  • Are we effectively keeping up with and meeting the changing needs and expectations of our customers? 
  • What steps are we taking to remove obstacles in the customer journey and make experiences more personalized? 
  • How do we better align employees with our organization’s goals and increase their overall involvement? 
  • How can we use technology and data to simplify processes, automate tasks, and smoothly manage interactions across all platforms to improve the customer experience?

What DeepDive World strategy consulting can do for you

DeepDive World enables you to uncover valuable insights that drive the creation of unique, impactful customer experiences, ultimately delivering long-term value to both the customer and society, while also benefiting your organization.


DeepDive World expert teams are dedicated to driving customer experience transformation, meticulously crafting and prioritizing experiences that elevate your brand and propel growth in the market. Some of the potential benefits:

  • Fostering innovation throughout the organization
  • Uncovering fresh avenues of value through strategic investments in customer experience, targeting critical touchpoints
  • Promoting a culture of ongoing refinement and enhancement of customer interactions.

Solution features and capabilities

Sustainable growth and value creation

At DeepDive World we firmly believe that exceptional customer experience, crafted with empathy and intention, is the cornerstone of long-term success. Today, when our life is unimaginable without technologies, consumers tend to choose brands that understand their needs. To be such a brand you need to know the pains and desires of your customers, as well as analyze data to get invaluable insights about customers behavior. Prioritizing purpose and sustainable value over mere expansion fosters enduring connections with both customers and employees.

  • Analyzing customer needs and behaviors, pinpointing pain points, and foreseeing their influence on both customer value and business outcomes
  • Brainstorming, prototyping, and testing novel experiences to not only meet but surpass customer expectations, driving positive business outcomes
  • Executing and refining new experiences
  • Streamlining resources, fostering capabilities, and deploying data and technology to consistently exceed customer expectations on a large scale

Designed with a customer-centric approach

Our dedicated teams assist organizations in harnessing valuable insights, crafting exceptional experiences, and bringing customer experience initiatives to fruition. By prioritizing customer-centricity, companies transition from a product/service-oriented approach to one that revolves around meeting customer preferences and perceived value.

  • Delivering personalized solutions precisely when they’re needed
  • Seamlessly connecting every stage of the customer journey to ensure relevance
  • Proactively anticipating customer needs and minimizing friction points
  • Shifting focus from one-off campaigns to cultivating lasting relationships
  • Continuously fine-tuning strategies at an individual level to optimize the human experience.

A data-driven experience

Our approach to customer experience emphasizes six crucial dimensions, ensuring organizations deliver exceptional experiences and maintain relevance:

  • Clear and measurable KPIs, embraced across teams to foster focus, consistency, and prioritization
  • Extraction and analysis of high-quality data for comprehensive understanding of customer needs and pain points, facilitating personalized interactions
  • Implementation of modern and adaptable technology stacks to enable seamless and tailored experiences on a large scale
  • Cultivation of an agile and collaborative organizational structure, facilitating effective teamwork and swift adaptations
  • Nurturing a culture and mindset centered around the customer, permeating every aspect from product development to marketing and post-sales services
  • Equipping teams with future-proof skills such as UX, service design, and data science, ensuring effortless, impactful, and memorable experiences

Why DeepDive World

With over 20 years of expertise, DeepDive World’s seasoned professionals and elite design and engineering network are poised to tackle your most formidable customer experience obstacles. We specialize in unraveling complex challenges and orchestrating transformative customer experiences that yield lasting, sustainable value for customers, employees, businesses, and society.

How DeepDive World can help

Customer engagement

Fostering trust with your customers for a long-term is the main competitive advantage of today’s era. Thriving in this environment necessitates embracing a customer-centric marketing approach founded on the pillars of unwavering trust and loyalty.

Customer Experience Transformation solution

Companies that adeptly address changing needs through transformative customer experiences stand to unlock novel opportunities, propel growth, streamline costs, and establish enduring value in the long run.

Customer and growth solutions

We specialize in assisting insurers in recalibrating their growth strategies, embracing the appropriate technology, and refining experiences to foster stronger relationships with both customers and distributors. Our approach guides insurers seamlessly through the journey from crisis to recovery, ultimately driving sustainable growth.

Direct to Consumer

We can help you define where, when, and how Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategies can revolutionize your business model. 

Commercial Transformation

Our Commercial Transformation offering is designed to reignite growth within your organization, optimizing sales and marketing investments to yield maximum returns. Leveraging realistic and implementable growth strategies, advanced commercial analytics, and differentiated capability deployment, we enable your organization to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

Сustomer journey-mapping platform

Craft compelling customer and user narratives, journeys, and personas seamlessly with our customer journey-mapping platform.

The team

Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Rob Zacharias

Chief Operating Officer

Boris Heismann

Chief R&D Officer (CRDO)

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