RocketCyber’s Managed SOC (Security Operation Center) Service

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RocketCyber’s Managed SOC is a fully integrated managed detection and response service. It begins with deploying RocketCyber’s Threat Monitoring Platform across your organization’s Endpoint, Network, and Cloud infrastructure. Once deployed, RocketCyber’s team of seasoned security veterans proactively monitors for suspicious activities, investigates threat indicators, and performs triage. If an actionable threat is detected, the SOC team collaborates with your internal staff for remediation. The service is designed to be easily integrated, allowing you to become fully operational within minutes.


  1. Proactive Threat Hunting: Identifying emerging threats, such as zero-day vulnerabilities, before they impact your organization.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: 24×7 continuous monitoring to detect malicious activities instantly.
  3. Investigation and Triage: Expert analysis of detected threats to determine their severity and required action.
  4. Remediation Assistance: Direct collaboration with your internal teams to mitigate and eliminate threats.
  5. Tailored Security Stack: RocketCyber develops all the technologies used in their default SOC Platform, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach.

Risks of Not Doing It:

  1. Increased Vulnerability: Without a dedicated SOC, your organization is at greater risk of cyber threats, which could lead to data breaches or system outages.
  2. Ineffective Response: Lack of expert oversight may result in slower detection and response to cyber threats.
  3. Compliance Risks: Failure to monitor and protect against cyber threats may result in non-compliance with regulatory standards, leading to fines and legal consequences.
  4. Resource Drain: Without a managed SOC, your internal staff may be overburdened with the tasks of monitoring, detection, and response, taking them away from other essential duties.


  • 24×7 Continuous Monitoring: RocketCyber SOC offers round-the-clock monitoring, ensuring that threats are detected in real-time.
  • Security Stack: Utilize RocketCyber’s proprietary technologies to secure your digital assets effectively.
  • No Hardware Required: The service is cloud-based, eliminating the need for additional hardware investments.

By partnering with RocketCyber’s Managed SOC, you’re not just adding another layer of security but acquiring a dedicated team of experts committed to protecting your organization from ever-evolving cyber threats. Save both time and money while significantly enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

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