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Understanding data is table stakes. Leading enterprises go beyond, leveraging AI to tackle complex challenges, generate sustainable value, and inform confident decisions based on concrete evidence. Data and AI are the fuel that propels your business to new heights. Imagine turbocharging innovation, unlocking hidden potential with transformative technologies, and making lightning-fast decisions based on real-time insights. This is the power of data and AI, expertly wielded.
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The Team
Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Savvy organizations transform data into knowledge, the key that unlocks industry-specific breakthroughs. Think of it like building a treasure map, filled with proven use cases that guide you to success.


Enter the data fabric for seamless integration and unparalleled flexibility. Imagine stitching together disparate data sources, creating a unified landscape for faster, cheaper insights.

Experience the power of data and AI. Break free from the chains of legacy systems and empower your organization with real-time intelligence.

Explore DeepDive World’s data and decision intelligence approaches and discover how they can transform your business.

Data and Insight-driven Transformation solution 

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. DeepDive World experts will empower you to build and implement a data strategy that provides clear insights, enabling you to make confident decisions fueled by concrete evidence.

Data is the gold, but insights are the diamonds.

Turn data into actionable insights that empower your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Predict risks, prevent fraud, and stay ahead of the curve with a cutting-edge data and AI architecture.

DeepDive World empowers your team with data-driven insights, fueling smarter decisions and faster transformations. Start small, scale quickly, and witness the power of data in action.

Our teams ignite innovation, helping you adapt faster and outpace competitors. Unleash the power of data-driven insights for a seamless digital transformation with minimal risk.

We help you harness data transformation for sustained positive impact on customers, employees, and society, alongside robust financial success.

Solution features and functionality

DeepDive World prioritizes your business goals, not just technology. We start by understanding your unique challenges, then design and implement a data and AI architecture that delivers tangible results.

Overcoming common challenges

Focus on people and their pains to address the cultural resistance:

  • Foster an agile, innovative culture that embraces change, equipping your workforce with future-proof skills in AI, data, and automation.
  • Build awareness through targeted communication, showcasing the positive impact of data and AI.
  • Establish a supportive environment for bold ideas with dedicated leadership to nurture new business opportunities.

Build trust, drive confidence:

  • Embed trust into every step of the process, ensuring reliable data, secure operations, and transparent customer interactions.
  • Prioritize trust at every level. Make it a core value, not just an add-on, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Breaking Down Silos:

  • We help you strategically integrate data and AI into your short- and long-term plans, creating a unified vision for the future.
  • We use scenario planning and embedded AI to transform your operations and stay ahead of the curve.

Scaling AI for Impact:

  • Intelligent data architectures for efficiency and agility
  • AI-led systems and services designed with trust at their core
  • End-to-end workflow automation that empowers your team to achieve more

Maintain a clear vision of your goal using a future-back approach

The future-back model lets you define your desired outcomes first, then build a modern data and AI architecture that makes it happen.

  • Define the future: traditional methods of predicting the future based on past trends are no longer sufficient. It’s crucial to envision the desired outcome from the outset.
  • Craft the strategy: Start with a well-defined vision of the future you aim to achieve, then devise a plan to reach it by working backward.
  • Deliver results: Drive organizational change through data and insight-driven transformation, leveraging ideation and prototyping to deliver tangible results.

Embrace a comprehensive approach centered around AI

The true value emerges at the convergence of data, AI, rather than deploying them separately. Integrating this mindset into your organization can propel it towards higher maturity levels – transitioning from mere data collection to enhancing human intelligence with AI. 

DeepDive World teams elevate AI from a standalone solution to a central strategic component:

  • We provide guidance from strategic planning to execution
  • We facilitate the establishment of an AI core that integrates with enterprise systems, moving beyond isolated AI solutions
  • We leverage the complete range of DeepDive World services and capabilities to ensure holistic and impactful transformations.

Why DeepDive World

DeepDive World goes beyond technology – we understand the language of data. We empower you to harness its power across your entire value chain, with AI at the core, driving impactful transformations and sustainable growth. From strategic planning to flawless implementation, DeepDive World brings unmatched capacity and capability to your enterprise

The team

Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Rob Zacharias

Chief Operating Officer

Boris Heismann

Chief R&D Officer (CRDO)

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