Gunbrig and iRangers Merge to Form DeepDive World, Strengthening Strategic Partnership

Joining forces, iRangers and Gunbrig unveil DeepDive World, uniting their expertise in cybersecurity and IT advisory to offer unparalleled services. This merger, stemming from a productive partnership, aims to provide comprehensive cybersecurity, innovative cloud solutions, and transformative IT strategies, ensuring robust growth and resilience for clients in a digital-first world. CEOs Dima Zodek and Misha Hanin are enthusiastic about creating a unified platform that meets the unique needs of clients.

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2024 / iRangers and Gunbrig, two leading companies in the realms of cybersecurity and IT advisory services, are excited to announce their merger to create DeepDive World. This strategic move is founded on a longstanding partnership between the two firms, aiming to leverage their combined strengths to offer unmatched services in comprehensive cybersecurity, innovative cloud solutions, and transformative IT strategies. This collaboration ensures robust growth and resilience for clients across various sectors, helping businesses thrive in a digital-first environment.

Dima Zodek, CEO of Gunbrig, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, stating, “Joining forces with iRangers marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide top-tier cybersecurity and IT infrastructure solutions. This merger not only amplifies our capabilities but also enables us to offer customized strategies that meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring their security and success in the digital age.

Misha Hanin, CEO of iRangers, added, “By combining our expertise, we forge a path to deliver technological success that addresses the evolving challenges of today’s business landscape. Our unified approach will offer seamless, integrated solutions that empower our clients to achieve their objectives more efficiently.

Introducing Applied Digital Consultancy

DeepDive World’s innovative “Applied Digital Consultancy” approach sets it apart from other consulting firms. This methodology transcends traditional consultancy’s theoretical advice by focusing on hands-on design and implementation and taking responsibility for the success of our recommended strategies. This approach ensures that our solutions are not only viable but also effectively applied to drive real-world success.

What Clients Can Expect: DeepDive World is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Clients can look forward to a range of enhanced services, including:

Proactive Cybersecurity Defenses: Implementing cutting-edge security measures to protect against evolving cyber threats.

Strategic IT Consulting: Offering expert advice to optimize IT infrastructure and digital transformation initiatives.

Innovative Cloud Solutions: Designing and deploying scalable cloud-based solutions tailored to businesses’ specific needs.

Success Stories

Our portfolio includes transformative projects, such as a comprehensive cybersecurity overhaul for a Fortune 500 company and developing a bespoke cloud migration strategy for a leading e-commerce platform. These success stories exemplify our commitment to delivering our clients tangible results and strategic value.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, DeepDive World is not just focused on meeting the current demands of the digital landscape but is also investing in research and development to anticipate and innovate for the challenges of tomorrow. We aim to continue setting new standards in the industry, ensuring that our clients are always at the forefront of technological advancements.

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