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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services play a crucial role in empowering organizations with the essential capabilities, flexibility, and autonomy needed to consistently achieve long-term value.
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The Team
Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Managed services supercharge your future with data-driven managed services. It enables transformation, adaptability, and constant growth.

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Unleash Freedom, Amplify Results with Managed Services

Managed services is like having a dedicated team of experts by your side, handling your non-core but critical business functions. Think finance, accounting, technology, compliance, even risk management – we’ve got you covered.

Complexity overload?

Tech demands soar, skilled professionals are rare, and regulatory compliance feels like a moving target. Don’t let operational headaches derail your success. Managed services can help you optimize your infrastructure, secure talent, and ensure compliance, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Don’t settle for “good enough.” Elevate your business with DeepDive World Managed Services.

  • Boost your bottom line: Reduce costs, free up capital, and fuel innovation with proven strategies.
  • Navigate regulations with confidence: Ensure compliance with a single global standard and proactive risk management.
  • Take control, achieve peace of mind: Gain superior oversight and consistency through standardized processes and monitoring.
  • Deliver a seamless experience: Enhance customer understanding and build loyalty with actionable insights.
  • Embrace the future, fearlessly: Adapt to market shifts, regulations, and evolving needs with agility and resilience.
  • Connect your business, unlock opportunity: Leverage advanced technology and data to break down silos and unleash efficiency.
  • Empower your people, spark transformation: Cultivate a culture of success with expert guidance and support.

What are Managed Services

Managed Services redefine outsourcing, prioritizing strategic growth over necessity. Unlike traditional cost-driven models, they offer a trusted partner to oversee critical non-core functions like finance, tax, risk, and compliance. 

What distinguishes Managed Services is its commitment to unlocking long-term value, offering specialized expertise, leveraging technology for efficiency, collaborating closely with internal teams, and enhancing performance. 

In essence, Managed Services provide organizations with the flexibility and freedom for sustainable success, allowing them to focus on driving their business forward while a world-class team optimizes non-core functions.

How you can benefit from Managed Services

Managed Services, when employed effectively, harnesses the expertise of a seasoned partner with extensive domain knowledge in critical areas such as finance, tax, risk, and compliance, spanning various geographic regions and jurisdictions. 

An ideal partner prioritizes value delivery and tangible results while fostering innovation and continuous improvement in operational performance. Managed Services serves as the cornerstone for organizations to cultivate adaptable, future-proof structures, poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

A cohesive experience facilitated by a unified, data-driven platform streamlines the process of integrating or expanding solutions to meet evolving business requirements.

DeepDive World: Your trusted partner

Trust forms the foundation of DeepDive World Managed Services. We foster reliable and cooperative partnerships, seamlessly blending into your team. Our main goal is to deliver measurable advantages through smooth integration with your existing technology and workflows. With our assistance, you can confidently navigate the future, poised to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way.

Risk Managed Services

From cyber threats and regulatory changes to operational breakdowns and financial instability, today’s businesses face a multitude of challenges. Effective risk management should be more than just a reactive tool; it should be a strategic enabler, propelling your organization forward with confidence.

The team

Misha Hanin

President & Chairman

Ahmed Ali

CEO, MENA Division

Dima Zodek

CEO, North America Division

Rob Zacharias

Chief Operating Officer

Boris Heismann

Chief R&D Officer (CRDO)

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